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Results: 2013-2014

(Note: ** indicates 6+ entries in the bracket)

67 (Not Placed) Aven Hobbs NW Team Wildcat

61 (Not Placed) Jason Osgood NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

105 (Not Placed) Corey Marazas NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

49 (Not Placed) Lane Looper NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

55 (Not Placed) Laker Ingram NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

70 (Not Placed) jackson Dyer NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

55 (Not Placed) Landon Beliel NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

58 (Not Placed) Jackson Truesdale NW Perkins

64 (Not Placed) Liam Phipps NW Perkins

83 (Not Placed) Kaleb Owen NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

58 (Not Placed) Louden Wolfe NW Blackwell Wrestling Club

58 (Not Placed) nathan watters NW Morrison

83 (Not Placed) joe (jb) thomas NW Morrison

HWT (Not Placed) clayton smith NW Morrison

55 (Not Placed) Braxton Sloan NW Morrison

70 (Not Placed) Kasey Rupp NW Morrison

61 (Not Placed) briggs roe NW Morrison

55 (Not Placed) david pegg NW Morrison

90 (Not Placed) bo galloway NW Morrison

70 (Not Placed) Lance Kindred NW Perkins

55 (Not Placed) Braydyn Gibbs NW Perkins

75 (Not Placed) Jace Thompson NW Newkirk

61 (Not Placed) Lance Terrel NW Newkirk

58 (Not Placed) Jaxon Henry NW Newkirk

64 (Not Placed) Shay Brewington NW Newkirk

55 (Not Placed) Aden Rodriquez NW Team Wildcat

46 (Not Placed) Christopher Kiser NW Team Wildcat

55 (Not Placed) Cameron Kiser NW Team Wildcat

75 (Not Placed) Teegan Hodgson NW Team Wildcat

61 (Not Placed) Teegin Washington NW Newkirk

70 (Not Placed) Ryan Morgan NW Tonkawa Wrestling

58 (Not Placed) Tucker Craft NW Perkins

46 (Not Placed) Cadyn Burns NW Perkins

52 (Not Placed) Rachel Burns NW Perkins

49 (Not Placed) Dustin Secrest Delete

83 (Not Placed) Dominick Rortina Delete

70 (Not Placed) Jesse Lichtenberger Delete

75 (Not Placed) Seth Carlson Delete

49 (Not Placed) Dalton Pierce NW Tonkawa Wrestling

64 (Not Placed) Wyatt Welch NW Morrison